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Versatile and professional
Color Armaflex
New ArmaSport mats made without hazardous plasticizers
Insulated Pipe Supports which Eliminates Thermal Bridging
Arma-Chek T
The professional insulation system to minimise the risk of under insulation corrosion (UIC).
ArmaSound Industrial Systems
The First Sound Control Systems which Minimise the Risk of Under Insulation Corrosion.
Arma-Chek S
The lightweight and easy to apply insulation system resistant to mechanical impact.
Arma-Chek R
The insulation system with extra system security that minimises the risk of under insulation corrosion (UIC).
NH Armaflex
Specially developed to minimise smoke and toxic emissions in the event of fire
HT Armaflex
UV resitant, high temperature insulation

HT/Armaflex is the insulation that meets the growing demand for a reliable and environmentally friendly flexible insulation material that can be used at higher temperatures.
Class 1 Armaflex
Professional insulation to prevent condensation

Class 1 Armaflex is a flexible closed cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation, providing a highly efficient method of controlling condensation and insulating against both heat loss and heat gain.

Class 1 Armaflex is dust free, fibre free, CFC free and HCFC free with an ODP of zero. Its high µ factor enhances high resistance to water vapour , enabling the insulation material to maintain higher level of efficiency. It can be used on hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork and refrigerated pipework
Arma-Chek D
The lightweight and easy to apply insulation system resistant to mechanical impact
LTD Armaflex
Armaflex LTD is a component layer of the Armaflex Cryogenic System. Available in sheets and tubes Armaflex LTD is a purposefully developed low temperature Diene Terpolymer to provide flexibility and minimise the risk of thermal cracking following mechanical impacts.
LT Armaflex

Cryogenic insulation, developed for applications operating between 0ºC and -200ºC

LT /Armaflex® is the flexible elastomeric foam developed for the insulation of pipework and equipment operating between 0°C and -200°C. LT/Armaflex® insulation systems are suitable for a full range of industrial applications, including the harsh environments found in the oil, gas and chemical industries.
Armaflex Cryogenic System
Armaflex Cryogenic Systems are multi-layered composites that combine the most cost-effective solution with low-temperature reliability. The Armaflex solution provides dedicated systems to maximize mechanical properties and overcome thermal stress.
Class 0 Armaflex
Professional Insulation that Prevents Condensation and Energy Losses

Armaflex is renowned worldwide as the leading brand in flexible elastomeric foam insulation. Armaflex nitrile rubber materials offer low thermal conductivity insulation performance in tubes, flat sheets and rolls.

Class O Armaflex was the first elastomeric foam insulation to meet the Class O fire regulations in the UK and is also the standard in India, the Middle East and South Africa: